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School Trips

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In this we use the respective school premises to organize various adventure activities
that would help the student to be disciplined, courageous and enhance leadership
quality. This programme is specially designed to help young kids to learn while exploring.


Invest 3-6 days in one of our campsites to enhance various skills with our instructors.
These programmes are customized to fit into ones requirements. During this, various adventure, art and cultural activities are organized as an experimental method of


These programs are more adventurous than our campus and day programs.
Participants travel (via trekking, cycling or rafting) everyday from one site to another and setup their own camps. There is no permanent accommodation. Qualified mentors escort them during the trip.

Mentors will provide some basic training to the participants. A series of activities are designed for such trips and these are well laid out so that one can enjoy as well as rough it out. Activities may range from hiking, trekking, cycling, rafting, and camping to team building and fun activities. The effort is to build stamina, resilience etc. besides being able to experience and feel nature from close quarters.


Under this head, the activities on offer are sea kayaking, jungle trekking, jungle survival, camping skills, mountain biking, snorkeling and outdoor adventure travel tours to remote destinations in Southern Thailand. Being dedicated wildlife and nature lovers, discovering new sites, soaking in natural beauty and sightings of rare or endangered
species especially of birds are more of a rule than exception.

3 or 4 day trips are offered though longer trips are also available on request. The trip charges include all local transportation, accommodation, meals and equipment.